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Our Story

Hello and welcome! I'm Jennifer, a British cross stitch designer on a mission to help people create meaningful pieces of art through the mindful craft of cross stitch with high quality yet affordable cross stitch kits and patterns.

I believe that we have many wonderful places and landmarks all around the UK which are loved by many but often overlooked by pattern designers in favour of the usual London landmarks which lets face it, don't mean much to the rest of us around the UK (no offence Big Ben!).  Through TSK I offer modern, colourful designs, high quality materials and patterns, tips and advice including detailed online how-to guides, top notch customer service including stitching assistance, and cute, handy accessories to help you create your own piece of British art and thoroughly enjoy the process!

The TSK journey began back in 2020 when I had recently rediscovered a love of cross stitch but just couldn't find what I was looking for, ie a modern, colourful, easy kit that made my heart sing.  I loved seeing the beautiful prints of local landmarks and thought how much I would love to stitch something like that.  So I set about designing a series of beginner-friendly cross stitch patterns that would form the basis of TSK and ultimately allow those who love the UK to celebrate our lesser-known but much-loved landmarks, either by stitching ones we know, or discovering somewhere new.

(You can read more about the TSK origin story HERE)


My commitment to you is to provide gorgeous designs, high quality and eco-friendly products, and the best in customer service so that you thorough enjoy your cross stitch journey around the UK.  Whether you're a complete beginner or a seasoned stitcher I vow to provide everything that you need to enjoy this relaxing craft and discover our wonderful UK landmarks.


I can't wait to see where your journey takes you!



Designer & Founder,

Trouvaille Stitch Kits 

the tsk mission

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