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Trouvaille Stitch Kits sustainability initiatives

As a business we are committed to improving the impact we have on the environment, both in the way we operate and the products we produce.  Here are some of the things we're doing now and some things we hope to do better in future.


Our kits are 100% plastic free

With 9.5 million tonnes of plastic finding it's way into the ocean from land every year, it was so important to us that we didn't contribute to the problem, therefore, all our kits are plastic-free. In addition, we strive to ensure that our cross stitch kit contents and packaging are reusable, recyclable, compostable or biodegradable, and that any paper materials are FSC or PEFC certified.


You can read more about the global plastic problem HERE

we use small batch production

The use of small batch production is key to reducing waste, particularly when creating niche products in order to ensure that we can continue to create a wide range of products for our customers.  It also has additional benefits in that it minimises stock storage requirements thereby reducing energy and footprint space as well as allowing me to work from home, thereby reducing travel costs including wasted time and carbon emmissions.

Untitled design (3).jpg

we create a wide variety of products with a small range of materials

Did you know that there are over 500 shades of 6-stranded embroidery thread from DMC, but to create our 15+ kits we use only 30 of those colours.  This means we minimise thread waste here, and when you have left over thread within your kit, you can easily use it up to create another TSK design.  Additionally we keep all other materials within the kits standardised where possible to minimise waste, with more specific materials (eg the patterns, instruction leaflets and packaging stickers) printed in-house during the small-batch production process.

you buy only what you need

Another way we minimise wasted materials, as well as keeping the costs of our products as low as possible for you, is by providing our customers with multiple purchasing options.  This means that you only buy exactly what you need. This includes full kits (for those with nothing) to PDF patterns (for those with everything) and everything in-between.

SBP thread bundle.jpg
Cardboard Boxes

we prioritise reusing over recycling

It's impossible to run a product-based business without amassing cardboard boxes.  While we do recycle everything that isn't reused, the recycling process itself requires a large amount of energy to transport, process and reassemble the materials.  Additionally, by reusing materials we're helping to reduce the energy costs and raw material use associated with production of replacement materials. We therefore strive to reuse where possible, such as reusing the cardboard boxes that we have received our materials in as packaging for wholesale orders.

we prioritise uk suppliers

While it is not always possible to source high quality specialist materials from the UK (embroidery floss and fabric being two examples of this), I attempt to source all other materials and products from UK suppliers, including our needles, embroidery scissors, needleminders, packaging and office supplies. Additionally, where possible, I source from small businesses with similar ethical principles to myself. This helps to support small and local businesses, while assisting the UK economy and minimising carbon emmissions associated with transport of goods.  

tsk - needle minders-4.jpg
Light Bulb

we consciously minimise energy usage

We minimise energy waste in the TSK workroom by only using the energy we need for that particular task.  For example, charging electrical items only when required. Having the laptop and printer switched on only when in use, never leaving items on standby, developing methods of production that don't require use of eletronic items, and even planning our day so as to make the most of the natural light and minimise the need for additional lighting.

community initiatives

Community is very important to us and so we try to contribute where possible by producing cross stitch kits that help fundraising for local charities such as the Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade, as well as providing workshops for local community groups and charities such as Smell The Roses who provide retreat days for mums and carers for children with additional needs.   

tynemouth watch house-1.jpg
Trash Pick-Up

whats next

  • Moving from biodegradable mailing bags to compostable mailing bags. You can read about the difference between the two HERE

  • Recycling soft plastics.

  • Volunteering in the community

  • Providing learning opportunities for local students

  • Moving towards a more eco-friendly printing solution (eg with cartridge refills)

  • Reviewing shipping provider options to minimise carbon emissions.

Do you have an idea for how we can keep improving?

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