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Christmas gift ideas for northern crafters

I don't know about you but one of my favourite things about this time of year... in addition to the coziness, the festivities, the sparkly lights and the copious amounts of cheese... is the joy I get in giving my favourite people gifts that I just know they're going to love. Sometimes, however, that's easier said than done when it comes to those whose hobbies and lifestyles are so different to mine... any advice for presents for teenage brothers would be much appreciated!

So I thought that I would help those who may be in need of some ideas for the crafters in their life and create the ultimate gift guide for Northern crafters. Whether they're into cross stitch, knitting, embroidery, macrame or any other type of craft, you're bound to find the perfect gift in this list so let's get going!

1. Christmas Crafts

Speaking from personal experience, there is nothing us crafters love more than starting a brand new craft project while watching our favourite Christmas film (you can't beat the 1985 classic Santa Claus: The Movie in my very humble opinion), and if it's a festive kit... bonus! Our beginner-friendly cross stitch bauble kits showcasing much-loved northern landmarks, such as the Newcastle And Gateshead Bauble Kit shown, are perfect for providing that bit of festive crafting! The kits are complete with everything they need to complete the project, including patterns, fabric, needle, threads and embroidery hoops so no matter where they are, the crafter can get cracking!

2. Comfy Blanket craft project

chunky knit blanket

Us crafters love love LOVE comfort. My blanket is basically an extension of me, I can never have too many and if I can learn a new skill and make my own? Even better! This easy DIY blanket pattern from Northern macrame designer Artsy North East is perfect! Just download the pattern for FREE then purchase two spools of 9mm or 12mm string in your preferred colour. No other equipment needed!

3. Colour Inspiration

teesside colours are print

Crafters are always on the hunt for inspiration, and these fabulous prints by Saltburn based artist THAT Design Studio do just that! With each print showcasing the colours associated with many of our favourite places around the North, like this one displaying the colours of Teesside, we've got colour inspo in droves!

4. The gift that keeps on giving

Gift subscriptions are a great way to not only get in the good books... but also stay in the good books for months to come! With our cross stitch gift subscriptions your lucky recipient will receive one of our beginner-friendly kits once every 2 months allowing them to stitch their own piece of Northern art! Added bonus... the longer the subscription, the more you save... and the longer you're in the good books!

5. Extra coziness with a hint of Northumberland

northumberland candles

What better way to create the perfect cozy crafting environment than by having candles burning nearby with gorgeous scents reminiscent of your favourite places. Notes Of Northumberland expertly blend their fragrances to create gorgeous candles, such as these mini tin candles. The mini tins are also affordable enough to get a selection! Personally I'd go for Kielder Forest, Otterburn Tweed and Bamburgh Sunrise but they all sound dreamy!

6. The perfect stocking filler for Northern Needleworkers

I dont think I'm exaggerating when I say that when Cross Stitchers and Embroiderers first discovered Needleminders it changed their life. Not only because they are the genius little items, but they're also super fun to collect! For those who from the North, our limited edition Penshaw Needleminders are not only pretty and practical, but also bring that feeling of home to any Needlework project.

7. Super Cute Portable Storage

craft supply storage, project bag

If you know any crafters, you probably know we will take our crafts with us wherever we go! On the train, to our friends and families houses, on holiday, to work. But you will also know that we often need a few bits and bobs to do our crafts... small pairs of scissors, stitch holders, cable needles, spare needles, spare thread, the list goes on! So these cute little Notions Pouches from Newcastle based Canny Little Fox are the perfect solution!

8. Who doesn't love a good cuppa?

northern teas

Crafters, just like anyone, loves a good brew while working on a project. These teas inspired by North East locations including Northumberland and Durham, and lovingly created by The Tea Enthusiasts, a Northern, family-run, ethical tea business, tick all the boxes!

9. Don't forget the Christmas Card

river tyne, tyne bridge, sage, greetings card, christmas card

Genuinely one of my favourite things to get from my loved ones is a Greetings card with a lovely message inside. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy! And any Northern Crafter will appreciate the work of another Northern artist. Whitley Bay based Laura Watson Art has greetings cards with lots of lovely local scenes, such as this of the River Tyne, and the artwork itself is so gorgeous it serves as an extra present as you can frame it after!

10. Still don't know?

craft gift set

You can never go wrong with a gift card! With our e-gift cards you can choose the amount you would like to gift then the recipient can choose their own item to suit them!

I hope you have found this helpful! Have a wonderful Christmas!

J xx


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