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Cross Stitch Display Inspiration From Real TSK Stitchers

I speak to so many stitchers who have completed multiple projects over the years but have never got round to finishing them and displaying them. So, their beautifully stitched creations join the many others they have completed hidden away in a box somewhere. I find that such a shame because so much time and energy and LOVE has gone in to making each piece of cross stitched art, so each piece should be shown off!

Unfortunatley, people often tell me they haven't displayed them as they're not sure how to show them off best... resulting in them not being shown off at all! So, I asked for the help of TSK stitchers to send me their pictures of their displayed finished cross stitch pieces, and have brought a few of them together here! (Thank you by the way for all of your photos, if I haven't used yours this time, I will likely be writing another of these to give even more inspo at some point!)

There are a few things you might want to consider when deciding on how best to display your piece, so let's get started so that, in future when someone notices the artwork in your house, you can be like this...

1. frame style

Something I get asked regularly is whether I sell frames for the completed stitched pieces. And the answer is currently... and likely to remain as.... no I don't. The reason being that when it comes to interior decor, everyone has different tastes, different colour schemes and themes, and so I would have to stock loads of options to cover all bases!

angel of the north cross stitch kit and penshaw monument cross stitch kit completed on shelves

So, thinking about your home, what colour would suit your decor best? Would you go with a metal frame or wooden? A light wood, dark wood, white or black frame? Or a completely different colour even! And what about using a mount? Would you include a mount within the frame like the completed Angel Of The Night pattern seen on the lower shelf? Or not, like the completed Penshaw At Dusk pattern seen here on the upper shelf? Either way I think we can all agree that these shelves look stunning! Thanks Claire for your picture!

If you're looking for tips about framing your completed cross stitch pictures, check out the TSK blog 'How I Frame My Cross Stitch Pictures'.

2. do you colour co-ordinate the surroundings?

You might choose to display your finished pieces surrounded by similar colours. This can really help bring out the colours in the completed picture because when surrounded by numerous other competing colours they can often disappear into the background a bit.

cross stitch of sycamore gap, northumberland with northern lights and sheep, next to purple roberts radio and small succulent plant

So for example, I have positioned my completed Illuminations On The Wall picture seen here on my (very long!) TV stand in my workroom. It's purposefully in front of a blue wall... to pick out the blue in the sky, next to a purple radio... to pick out the purple in the design, and I've also popped a little plant in a white pot next to it to reflect the green and white of the land, tree and sheep.

3. keep all locations together? or mix and match?

I know many of you like to collect all the TSK kits and patterns, working your way round all the areas featured. So, when displaying them, would you prefer to keep the similar locations grouped together? Or mix them up?

northern spire, roker pier, penshaw monument, sunderland, herd groyne lighthouse, south shields, tyne bridge, newcastle upon tyne, saltburn pier, whitby abbey, north yorkshire, sycamore gap, northumberland, completed cross stitch kits

Personally, I love the mix and match and it's what I choose to do with my displays when I'm setting up my stall at events. That way you can get a variety of styles and colours, while also showing off the amazing places we have around us. I absolutely love this picture sent in by Dorothy of her every growing collection of stitched TSK designs, mixing designs that show off all different locations!

free cross stitch pattern

4. Frame together or separately?

whitley bay cross stitch kits, spanish city, rendezvous cafe, st mary's lighthouse

I try to keep all the TSK designs the same shape and size so that if people wish, they can display them easily alongside each other, either separately as Dorothy has above, or within a multi-frame as Chris has done here. Multi-frames like this can be a great way to display one of our collection kits once completed, such as the Whitley Bay Collection seen here.

5. Complementing other features within your home

roker pier, northern spire, tyne bridge and angel of the north cross stitch kits completed and framed on the wall

We all have features in our home that we are proud of, so why not use your completed pictures to complement those features? It might be a particularly beautiful fireplace, staircase, or in this case, a grand doorway. Here, Nicola has used her completed Sunrise At Roker, The Northern Spire, The Tyne Bridge and Angel Of The Night stitched pieces to frame her absolutely gorgeous door and tells me she is planning on adding two more in the spaces above.

I mean seriously, how stunning is this hallway!

roker pier, northern spire, tyne bridge and angel of the north cross stitch kits completed and framed on the wall

I hope you have found this helpful and have a better idea of how you're going to display your completed stitches. Please do send me your photos of your completed stitched pieces. I LOVE to see them!

J xx


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