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Needleminders are one of my favourite and most relied upon accessories as a stitcher. Simply pop on the front of your work and hold in place with the magnet on the back of your fabric. Your needleminder is then ready to hold your needle whenever you need it to!


This stunning little enamel needleminder features a classic seaside scene, a proudly built sandcastle with brightly coloured bucket and spade, and a cute little crab just popping over to say hi!  A great addition to any of the seaside kits if you're after a little something extra, but particularly well matched with the kit of Cleethorpes Pier with it's matching bucket and spade.


The magnet is strong in this gorgeous little needleminder so no more losing your needle down the side of the sofa, or having to hunt through the carpet to retrieve a needle before it ends up in someones foot.  

Who says practical can't be pretty??

Sandcastle Needleminder

    • Shiny emamel
    • Super strong magnet
    • Measures 30mm x 30mm
  • Shipping to the UK is via Royal Mail (£3.40 second class standard)

    or FREE SHIPPING on all UK orders over £50

    Shipping outside the UK may be available on request.

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