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Since 1877 Zweigart has been well known as the producer of the most high quality stitching fabrics, including the Aida used for TSK cross stitch designs. 


All TSK cross stitch kits come with 18ct aida included, creating 5x7inch finished pictures and with the small stitches creating a less pixelated final picture. (18 count=18 stitches per inch)


14ct aida on the other hand has larger stitches, and so creates 6.5x9inch finished pictures which may be more comfortable for those with eyesight issues. (14 count - 14 stitches per inch)


The size of each piece is sufficient to complete any of the TSK designs, leaving a 2-3 inch border to allow for fraying and framing.

Zweigart White Aida 18ct (11x13inch)/14ct (12.5x14.5inch)

  • Shipping to the UK is via Royal Mail (£3.40 second class standard)

    or FREE SHIPPING on all UK orders over £50

    Shipping outside the UK may be available on request.

  • A piece of White Zweigart Aida of either

    • 14 count (14 stitches per inch) - 12.5x14.5inch, OR
    • 18 count (18 stitches per inch) - 11x13inch
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